Wednesday, July 11, 2007

colors! =) mmmm colors....

- you're probably wondering where this story stands now. Well, i've gotten the story to my liking. after working and reworking on the script, i've managed to come to a story that i personally would like to see. it IS about a frog who's not so different then the story i've just told you. i'm working on the storyboards on my short now and hope to have that updated soon on my blog...
so stick around farrukh's peeps cause there's a lot to come =)

the change of plans =)

- lets continue.
so the romantic evening for this couple takes a turn for the worse, well at least for the leander. I purposly designed him to be BIG cause thats how i saw him. also it gave the chef motivation to pick this frog over the others cause he's the healthier from the rest.
so leander is taken to 'no-frogs' land where he sees the horrible reality that all living things in a kitchen see. he sees no opportunity and lacks the courage, the will power to try to escape but before he could have second thoughts about anything, the chef approaches him and it is too late and there we see or rather we DONT see the last few ... no wait. he's chopped off lol
tho i enjoyed the idea behind this story, after reworking it over and over again, i think i've managed to put together something i think you, the audience will enjoy even more...

story continues...=)

-as i was saying. i thought i had the story down. i wanted a romantic dinner of two frogs on a mushroom shaped table with perhaps some lotus type of flower glooming, giving a beautiful romantic feeling to the scene.
it was kinda cool actually. i was gonna have the male frog which i name "leander" give the female frog "josephina" a ring, which was going to be a nice lady bug shaped gem stone.
then as josephina is about to grab the ring or the lady bug, leander was going to be taken away by a man (chef) who's preparing the meal.
So all this time we'd see a relaxed romantic atmosphered story which suddenly turns into choas for this male frog.
then it got better...
for the story, not the frog =)

lets start =)

-So here we are. These are some some drawings that i was doing in the early stages of the story. My original idear was about these two frogs, a male and a female, who were out on a romantic date @ a french restaurant. With this, i was begining to think i had my final film ready...
little did i know it would change so much

OH I'm hungry

good day to all you art freaks out there =)

i've been doing my internship @ march entertainment (really cool awesome place up here in sudbury, Ontario...Canada (those who dont know :) and time is flying. I'm doing storyboards on a cartoon series thats to come out soon, in Australia i believe and i personally cant wait. On the side, i've been working with some story ideas over the last couple of months for my final year @ sheridan. yikes, its been too long @ sheridan but i still like it...i guess tho the tim hortons line ups are getting longer all the time but i still enjoy it, it makes the coffee taste that much better.
right lets get to business

i have the story down, i think and without giving you too much, i will just say that my story is about a frog.
the rest is up for you to see =) and me to show u.
here are my concepts and working ideas. hope you enjoy. comments and positive criticism is welcome =)
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