Wednesday, July 11, 2007

the change of plans =)

- lets continue.
so the romantic evening for this couple takes a turn for the worse, well at least for the leander. I purposly designed him to be BIG cause thats how i saw him. also it gave the chef motivation to pick this frog over the others cause he's the healthier from the rest.
so leander is taken to 'no-frogs' land where he sees the horrible reality that all living things in a kitchen see. he sees no opportunity and lacks the courage, the will power to try to escape but before he could have second thoughts about anything, the chef approaches him and it is too late and there we see or rather we DONT see the last few ... no wait. he's chopped off lol
tho i enjoyed the idea behind this story, after reworking it over and over again, i think i've managed to put together something i think you, the audience will enjoy even more...

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