Wednesday, July 11, 2007

OH I'm hungry

good day to all you art freaks out there =)

i've been doing my internship @ march entertainment (really cool awesome place up here in sudbury, Ontario...Canada (those who dont know :) and time is flying. I'm doing storyboards on a cartoon series thats to come out soon, in Australia i believe and i personally cant wait. On the side, i've been working with some story ideas over the last couple of months for my final year @ sheridan. yikes, its been too long @ sheridan but i still like it...i guess tho the tim hortons line ups are getting longer all the time but i still enjoy it, it makes the coffee taste that much better.
right lets get to business

i have the story down, i think and without giving you too much, i will just say that my story is about a frog.
the rest is up for you to see =) and me to show u.
here are my concepts and working ideas. hope you enjoy. comments and positive criticism is welcome =)

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