Wednesday, July 11, 2007

story continues...=)

-as i was saying. i thought i had the story down. i wanted a romantic dinner of two frogs on a mushroom shaped table with perhaps some lotus type of flower glooming, giving a beautiful romantic feeling to the scene.
it was kinda cool actually. i was gonna have the male frog which i name "leander" give the female frog "josephina" a ring, which was going to be a nice lady bug shaped gem stone.
then as josephina is about to grab the ring or the lady bug, leander was going to be taken away by a man (chef) who's preparing the meal.
So all this time we'd see a relaxed romantic atmosphered story which suddenly turns into choas for this male frog.
then it got better...
for the story, not the frog =)


Jodi Sandler said...

very nice man.. great expressions. I can't wait to see your leica reel!!

Hoggan said...

I like the green frog in the first picture (top-right). The design flows very well, and looks professional. It looks like a design that can really move.

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